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Friday, December 08, 2006


Thanks to the efforts of NCRA members, the number of veterans' stories that have been transcribed in support of the Veterans History Project stood at the eerily symbolic total of 1,111 on November 11, 2006, Veterans Day. The Library of Congress and the National Court Reporters Foundation had set a goal of having 1,000 veterans' stories transcribed by that date.

NCRF is joining forces with the Library of Congress to launch a new initiative related to the Veterans History Project wherein NCRA members collect and record the stories of the veterans in their lives: family members, neighbors, colleagues -- really, any veteran you know or meet. We are calling this the “Thousand Voices Initiative.”

Court reporters have been very responsive in volunteering to transcribe tapes already in the Library of Congress archives. But about 1,700 veterans are dying each day, so the real priority is getting the stories recorded.

Participating is as easy as having a conversation and your service is nothing short of patriotic.
To learn more, e-mail Beth Kilker at NCRF or call her at 800-272-6272.


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