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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today I received a very touching email from the son of Major Boyd E. Shriver:

"Read your blog about V Corps and your father. Did he ever know Major Boyd Shriver who was Adjudant prior to invasion of North Africa?"

Hi Byron,
So glad you took a look at my V Corps blog! I just called my dad and unfortunately he doesn't know you. He told me to tell you, "There's not many of us around."

Hi Marge,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my email.

My father was Boyd E. Shriver and he died in January 1945 in Washington, four weeks after I was born so I never knew him. His military records (along with many others) were destroyed in a fire back in the 1970s so I have been looking up sites on the internet to see what I can trace. Your site came up on a search of V Corps.

He enlisted in the infantry in 1926 and was commissioned in 1935. He was eventually transferred to the Adjutant General's Department, posted to V Corps at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana and sent to Northern Ireland in February 1942 as Adjutant of V Corps before it moved to Bristol. He was then transferred to the British War Office to work on plans for Operation Torch and took part in the landings at Oran in November 1942. He was therefore only with V Corps for a short time so there was just a slight chance that your father would have come accross him.

However, it was good to come accross your site and see the old photographs. Your father looks in really good shape. My mother will be 90 this year so we will be having a party for her.


If anyone reading this blog knew Major Boyd Shriver, let me know and I will put you in touch with his son Byron. Or make a comment and share that information with everyone.


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